What is this?

This is not a coding course.

What? 😶

Don’t worry, let’s dive in to clarify.

There are tons of free coding resources out there. With just a laptop and internet, you can teach yourself to code.

The problem usually lies in finding the right resources, especially when you’re just starting out.

I mean, it’s hard when you don’t know what you don’t know and you don’t even know where to find it - you know?

So, what is this project?

It’s where you can find out what you don’t know.

The Pyoneer Project Illustration

It’s the source that any ambitious self-taught developer attempting full-stack engineering with Python would benefit from.

It will offer the clear & comforting sense of direction that you need - removing “where do I even start?” moments. It shows the steps you need to take, and points you towards the best resources out there for them.

In a sense, it’s similar to The Odin Project. I mean, besides the name… It was a coincidence, I swear!

The Odin Project Learning Paths However, The Pyoneer Project includes the path that The Odin Project doesn’t provide:

Full Stack Python.

The teaching approach is similar to The Odin Project’s, where you learn by doing, with minimal hand-holding. Although difficult and frustrating, it’s the fastest way to get good.

That means the bulk of the work will be done by yourself - through research and practice.